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Introducing VK Motorwerks Direct Mount InterCooler

For sale for a limited time only $580

Key benefits of the VK Motowerks intercooler:

  • Approximately 82% Thermal Efficiency
  • 40% increase in core volume over stock
  • Installs in 15 minutes with basic hand tools
  • No cutting, trimming, or any other modification required
  • Bar and plate design for consistent high performance
  • Internally staggered core increases the surface area that the charge air passes through resulting in better volumetric efficiency and lowers intake air temperature.
  • Utilizes stock plumbing and mounting points
  • Aluminum end tanks with CNC machined Inlet pipes
  • Precision welded components
  • Compatible with any tuning software
  • Lifetime warranty against any defects provided to original owner

We had the opportunity to dyno our intercooler and compare it to the stock unit on a Dynapack dyno. You will notice that the stock IC requires and extra psi to achieve the power output of the VK IC. We only had time to do one pull with the stock intercooler and are sure that as more dyno pulls were performed the more boost will be needed to maintain the same power. No perimeters were changed between the two runs. All runs were done on the V3.1 1-05 stage 3 non-doomsday map.

The Car has the following modifications:
  • VK Motorwerks Intercooler
  • VK Motorwerks catless down pipes
  • VK Motorwerks Oil Cooler
  • Vishnu tuning Dual intakes
  • Vishnu tuning Procede v3.1
  • Rennart exhaust with resonators
  • 50% 93 octane and 50% 100 octane mix

The VK IC is the thicker green line
This Graph shows the boost comparison of both the stock vs VK IC.
This is a hp and tq values of our VK IC runs. I dont know why the graph says: Flywheel hp and tq, the graphs are actually showing at the wheel power.
Here is a video to demonstrate how easy the VK IC is to install:

Intro priced at only $580!

Domestic Shipping: (Add Shipping charge of $50 includes Ground Shipping, Delivery Confirmation Charges, Insurance)

International Shipping: (Add Shipping charge of $75 includes Ground Shipping, Delivery Confirmation Charges, Insurance)
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